Also, if, for example, an experiment did not work the way you expected, that’s a realization! Allow enough time to write the conclusion as well as the introduction without time pressure. The introduction explains the research question, the research context, possible research gaps and the hypotheses presented.

The cat literally lets the cat out of the bag and exposes the results it has reached.

Or should one refer specifically to passages of one’s own work? The reader is once again clearly and structurally shown what he has gained in reading your work on insights. It should cover as far as possible no more than two pages in one-sided work; One and a half pages are sufficient in most cases.

The final chapter answers the following questions

Schnur quotes the content of an abstract for the bachelor thesis or master thesis in Theisen An abstract must be informative and provide an overview of the results of the entire work. Simply design and order your wish binding online at our partner BachelorPrint.

One conclusion is also to name those open questions that have resulted from the conclusion of the bachelor thesis organization bachelor thesis. Which results were achieved with regard to the question?

No new findings

Write a report english youth office is in a conclusion quite appropriate to compare your results with those of other scientists and in this way to critically assess your own results and to appreciate. Or maybe questions remain open?

It is important to understand that this can create a negative impression that overshadows even the most successful argument in the main body. Look at our example for a conclusion of a scientific work!